Stacked Soaps

11.1.1Soap with Stamped Logo
Soap with Stamped Logo
11.2.1Packaging, Box Scans
Packaging, Box Scans


BINU BINU founder Karen Kim approached us to establish a brand identity for her brand of modern soaps centred around the ethos and cultural resilience of the jjimjilbang (Korean public bathhouse). The visual system we developed honours the brand’s heritage, which pays tribute to the rituals, communal and self-care for which the jjimjilbang sets the scene. Referencing the graphic forms of bathhouse architecture, a structured packaging suite accommodates three languages – Korean, English and French – across a carefully calibrated system equipped to showcase an extensive product range.


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11.1.2Full Logo, Stacked
Full, Logo Stacked
11.2.2Soap Bags
Soap Bag Stack
11.2.3Facial Sponge Box Scan
Facial Sponge Box Scan

Right, Soap Image by Annie Nguyen

11.1.3Soap and Dish
Soap and Dish
11.2.4Incense Box Scan
Incense Box Scan


To unite the diversity of BINU BINU’s products and typographic forms, we realised a calm and cohesive presence through a tonal palette drawn both from bathhouses and the brand’s soaps. Referencing both Hangul characters and traditional Korean architectural forms, a monogram provides the brand its trademark, while typographic clarity lends the collection a tightly edited feel. Departing from the high polish typical of beauty industry imagery, fine-grained film photography by Hyunsung Park’s "Bathhouses in Seoul" focuses on the tactile experiences of bathing rituals and the material pleasure of the objects themselves.

11.2.5Lighters in Butter, Silver and Dark Chocolate
Lighters in Butter, Silver and Dark Chocolate
11.2.6Lighter in Silver
Lighter in Silver

Soap Bag

11.2.7Cannabis Perilla Candle
Cannabis Perilla Candle


Extending BINU BINU’s visual coherence to the products themselves, a completely reimagined packaging range saw us swap the brand’s previous use of soft plastic soap bags for recyclable materials and a flat pack ready dieline system, equipped for eventual expansion to a range of over 50 SKUs. True to the brand’s inspirations, BINU BINU is stocked in a wide range of international specialty stores who value its heritage and share its appreciation of form.

11.2.8Travel Soap Set Scan
Travel Soap Set Scan
11.2.9 Travel Soap Box
 Travel Soap Box
11.1.4The Big Block Ae Gi Super Mild Soap
The Big Block Ae Gi Super Mild Soap
11.3.1Homepage, Desktop

A tonal website takes cues from traditional Korean architectural forms across a carefully structured system ready to house a diverse product range.

11.3.6Homepage, Mobile
Mobile Footer
11.4.1Brand Messaging
11.4.2Best Sellers
Binu Binu Logo Scale Variations

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J.Hannah Packaging Polish Bottle
J.Hannah Branding Embossed Envelope
J.Hannah Logo Engraved Inside Ring
Earing Box


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Stacked Boxes
Full Packaging Suite
Soothing Lip Balm
Cleanser Box Scan
Bioactive Face Mask


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